You look at me and I recognize that look of black pearls going insane and I shrug myself with fear. I’m not afraid of you, I never was. I’m afraid of my weakness because I’ll fall for you. Again.
And undress me voraciously. I undress you and lust fills my soul. Grab me and hold me and I know it will always be like this. And the jerky swings where we dance lead me to the pain of having you and not possessing you.
Wrap my colorless neck with your hands, choke me with lust and forget love.
Lose yourself in my skin, bite me, taste me and yell! Make me yell! And kiss me and... Ah! Make it hurt and kill the emptiness in me. And together we get lost in these pleasure waves, sinking in this ocean that is our darkness.
Your hair, mine, the sweat and your taste of wine.
Ah... the wine. The scarlet tone, with which we toasted to death, now merges with whats left of this madness and lies on the linen sheets.

It will always be like this, between us. You already told me and I pretend to forget it, so I won't suffer. I will be yours anytime you want it, you'll use me, you'll fuck me and I'll give myself to you other and other time, knowing that kills me. You're killing me.

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Iolanda disse...

é sim :) o sonho de todas as manhãs, o sonho que se desfaz em suspiros *

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